Blackwood’s Concert of 100 Candles

Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 2017
St. John’s Anglican Church.
64 Townsend St, Lunenburg.
7:30 pm

Tickets and info here

Slow music for a fast time of year

Join us as we delve into the positive power of this auspicious date in this special season – in an atmosphere of depth, reflection, lyricism and the celebration of intense beauty.

The Christmas season is often the busiest time of year. Preparations can often be so intense that we sometimes miss out on the chance to “step away” and find time for deep reflection. Blackwood’s “Concert of 100 Candles” celebrates reflective music. Music that boldly shifts down into the heart of space, openness, and contemplation and for a little over an hour, gives you a chance to go slow in a fast time.

Please feel free to lie back, relax and let the sounds wash over you!

This year, you can expect a full selection of annual Christmas favourites, although some of them will be in a slow form that you haven’t heard before. You will also hear a collection of new works the duo has prepared especially for this Christmas season, like this performance of Peter-Anthony Togni’s SILENTIO.

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