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Lots of wonderful things happening in this coming year, what follows are some of the highlights. Please get in touch at for more info:

Jan 2016
9 I am conducting the Upstream Orchestra in performance at the 2016 Open Waters Festival in Halifax, NS. This will also feature a new composition of mine “The Engines of Time”.
10-17 Producing the sessions and post production with Symphony Nova Scotia of their next CD project based on past and present orchestrations of a suite of Schubert’s songs.

Apr 2016
2 Performing RESPONSIO
at the Juno Awards in Calgary with members of Luminous Voices
18 Special one night performance of RESPONSIO in Halifax
20 Performing RESPONSIO at the Montreal Mussee des Arts

 May 2016
5 Performing RESPONSIO with members of Luminous voices in Calgary, Banff and Edmonton

Looking forward in 2016/17  to the performance and recording of Peter-Anthony Togni’s concerto for bass clarinet and orchestra with the Ottawa based 13 Strings ensemble conducted by Kevin Mallon and also to a solo performance at Wilfred Laurier University as part of their NUMUS concert series.


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Some great CBC videos I produced with Tom Allen for CBC music

Over the past year I have had the chance to produce two videos with CBC Radio 2’s Tom Allen. Have a look at these two projects. The first is a look at the origins of the Star Trek theme, and its surprising origins in musical history:


The second, this one here, which is trending really well out there, shows us the history of the song of death…. yes, death has a theme song. Check it out:

We’ll be producing more of these in the months to come for CBC music. I’ll keep posting them here.

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Great visit to the Sound Symposium 2014


The Sound Symposium is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Over a week of exploratory, innovative, experimental and truly audacious music performed by musicians with reputations ranging from the extremely local to the completely international. You can brush with fame and real discovery in the same concert, I love it.  Steven Naylor and I had a great experience at this year’s symposium playing as a duo.   One of the nicest things anyone has said about anything I have done was said by Michelle Bush in a blog review of this set, she said:  “I am a bit at a loss for words with this one. It was just beautiful, perfect and such a great contrast to the slapstick nature of the improv musical (that proceeded us). These two know how to listen, to bring about the quiet moments, the slow, the smallest sounds, to make an audience listen to and get so wrapped up in these without even thinking about it.”

You can read the complete review here.

Jeff Reilly and Steven Naylor at the 2014 St. John’s Sound Symposium

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